I do not bill insurance.  Here's why: Insurance companies limit the amount of time I can reasonably spend with a client.  They also limit the treatments we are allowed to utilize or dictate which treatments we are allowed to choose first.  Billing insurance would also require me to hire a billing specialist and you'd still be likely to get a bill in the mail. By not billing insurance, you and I are allowed to utilise all the tools at our disposal in any order we choose.

Option 1: Fee for Service at $300 per Hour

Hourly fee is $300. New client consultations generally take an hour. Comprehensive history is taken including past medical history, medication history and evaluation of current complaints. During this visit any physical exams necessary will be performed*. Ongoing follow-up visits and lab results review are billed at the hourly rate.

Option 2: Monthly Subscription Starting At $299/mo

$299/month gets you up to 3 hours of access to me via phone, text, email and your initial 1 hour in-person consultation is included. This option allows me to extend discounted services to my clients all members receive a 10% discount on BOTOX, and 10% discount on supplements. There is a $50 visit fee for delivery of in-home care after the initial visit with the standard plan.  You can cancel at any time.

All lab work ordered will be billed to your insurer for best possible coverage. We partner with Clinical Labs Hawaii and Cleveland HeartLab for the most thorough and convenient testing possible. When available, I am happy to review any lab work collected in the previous 3 months from any other provider. It is a requirement that you maintain your relationship with your PCP for urgent or conventional needs. 

Fine Print

I do not serve clients under the age of 18 or over 65.  

*note: gynecological exams will not be performed.