Same day & next day visits to your home or office

Unlimited access to your doctor via text, phone or email

A doctor who knows you & your history intimately

A science-based integrative approach that balances immediate and long term gains

Treatment plans catered to your life & lab results

Enjoy better professional, physical, and mental performance

Results Driven treatment

Infuse focuses on using the modality needed to get the desired results—for some that may be conventional pharmaceuticals for others it might be alternative therapies. We start with advanced diagnostic tools to analyze hundreds of markers—genetic and lifestyle—to tell the story of what's happening in your body. This roadmap allows your doctor to deliver the specific treatments you need and track your results over time.

You and your doctor will design a lifestyle to make you feel better in the short term and prevent or reverse disease in the long term, including clear cut action plan to follow and monthly help to hit your goals.

Monthly Membership starting at $149.