Wtf is biohacking?

Whenever I tell people I specialize in biohacking, I am almost always met with a quizzical glance and the question I both expect and dread: what is biohacking?  The childish part of me wants to answer back: "If you have to ask, it really isn't for you".  Of course, that doesn't help either of us have a productive conversation, but to some extent, that answer wouldn't be entirely inappropriate.  

Biohacking is the process by which one takes control over their own biology.  It's not a quick-fix or a passive project.  It requires constant evaluation, objective assessment, rigorous documentation and a willingness to explore not only oneself, but everything around you.  People who know what biohacking is are already doing this to some extent.  They've accepted an active role in their own life and are aggressively working to improve their relationships.  I use the word "relationship" to refer to interpersonal relationships, yes, but also to refer to how you interact with food, sleep, stress, work, breathing, the environment.  The list goes on.  

Biohacking is, I daresay, a movement and if you've been swept up, you already know. That being said, tidal waves spare some people and there are others who know inherently it's possible to feel better, live more fully, become more productive, but something is preventing them and they can't identify the barrier. To those who have been missed or cannot identify their barriers, I'm here for you.  I'll help you fix it, but please don't be under the impression that it is a passive assignment, or that I can do it for you.  I can guide you and keep you safe and offer my opinion and my medical services, but I cannot convince you to go get it. 

So what's it take? Biohacking is multifaceted.  It takes time to manipulate every facet.  It would be unreasonable to expect to adjust all of them at once and probably best to approach it from whichever aspect most negatively impacts you.  For many people, that's health. Hacking health is huge.  We all have genetic predispositions.  Knowing what they are and how they're manifesting in our own bodies is a crucial piece of information and those pieces of information are actionable. I help people get those tests, interpret them and then adjust them.  I'm aggressive.  I like change and I like results.

Arguably, all biohacking falls into health.  Emotional health, relationship health, sleep health, food health, and environmental health all contribute to your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. There are hacks for all these things. 

Full disclosure: biohacking is not comfortable.  It will challenge the beliefs you hold about yourself and any mis-information you've believed to be true for the last 20 years.  You may have to change your diet, get new favorite restaurants and it may even require you to get new friends. Nothing about that is easy, but I can tell you, it's all worth it.