A Hack For Cheat Days

I love the picture associated with this post.  It's a beautiful board of cheese and bread and it makes an appearance at every event I attend.  What it really looks like is a big plate of "nope". That's because all I see is a big plate of gluten and casein, the proteins found in wheat and dairy respectively.  For a lot of people, this plate is not to be feared, but for some it's just a window into a world of bloating, gas, discomfort, and an array of digestive complaints that follow.  As a result, many people choose to avoid these foods all together.  

I am one of those people.  I should say: I do not have celiac disease, or any type of true food allergy or an autoimmune condition. If you have any of those concerns, the rest of this post will not pertain to you and a more thoughtful and careful discussion should be had. I fall into the category of people who have an "intolerance". I don't notice an issue with gluten, personally, but I avoid it for general health.  I suppose I should count myself lucky that when I foray into the land of dairy, I only experience a temporary abdominal discomfort, but I don't like being uncomfortable and like any sane human, I try to avoid things that make me uncomfortable. 

For the most part, I avoid discomfort by avoiding "nope plates".  They come in many disguises. Bagel and cream cheese spreads--nope. Lasagna--hot, melting pile of nope. Nachos--gluten free, but topped with multiple kinds of nope. The problem is that I have a deep desire to eat all those things. By this point, you should know my purse is a veritable dispensary of ailment-solvers. That's where one of my favorite products comes in. 

Similase GFCF is a product made by my favorite company, Integrative Therapeutics. It contains a combination of enzymes and dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV) that assist the digestive process especially when it concerns gluten and dairy. If the blatant choice to try the newest Salt and Straw flavor does you in, or even just minor contamination from eating out at a restaurant, you should keep this product handy. Buy it from the shop if you've tortured yourself for too long and are ready to indulge in something delicious. Take two with just before your meal and enjoy yourself. 

You deserve it.